Christ’s Haven for Children

Christ’s Haven for Children provides a warm, loving, Christian environment in which children in need of basic care can grow physically, emotionally and spiritually to become productive citizens in society.

Since 1954, Christ’s Haven has provided care for disadvantaged children who need a place to call home. Through the years, over 5,000 children have resided on their campus and benefited from nurturing houseparents, medical and dental attention, tutoring, counseling and so much more as staff work to help children grow physically, emotionally, academically and spiritually.

With it foundation deeply rooted in Christian principles, the purpose of Christ’s haven for Children is to provide a loving home to children caught in the crossfire of life’s unfortunate circumstances. Christ’s Haven is a faith-based, non-profit organization that serves children and their families in a safe environment free from discrimination, in a Christ-like, non-judgmental and loving manner.

Christ’s Haven for Children provides the following services:

Campus Care: Christ’s Haven is a basic care facility licensed by the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services

Foster Care: Places children under the age of 5 with foster families in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

Teen Mom Program: Places teenaged girls and their infants on the campus, providing child-rearing guidance, teaching life skills and providing care to both mother and child

Life Path Program: Provides a platform that ensures a successful life launch of at-risk young adults

Haven’s Horses: Provides an expanded horse program through riding classes and summer camp